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About Us

The cocktail story began with the Dutch Verschelden family’s passion for delicious cocktails. Starting from crafting these beverages at home and developing a love for luxurious drinks, they encountered a challenge when venturing to pubs, parties, and restaurants—cocktails were too expensive. This issue was compounded by the fact that quality in most establishments was lacking, often serving pre-mixed cocktails from bottles rather than freshly crafted ones with the art of perfect measurements.

Motivated by a desire to make high-quality cocktails accessible to everyone, the family gathered around the table and thought, “We can do this better.” Thus, they launched a cocktail catering service called “Cocktail Expert.” The response was positive, with people appreciating the 5/5 star-rated, fresh cocktails.

After three successful years of mixing cocktails at events, the family decided to extend their passion beyond parties to their wardrobes. However, they encountered another obstacle—companies offered prohibitively expensive cocktail-themed clothing. This led to the inception of Cocktail Brand in 2023, founded by Merel Verschelden and Randal Verschelden. The goal was to make the art of cocktails affordable and incorporate a luxurious style into both the drinks and the attire.


Making the luxurious cocktail culture affordable and for everyone.


Making the world a better place by decreasing the carbon footprint and including everyone.

Cocktail Expert

A Dutch cocktail catering service, who also give cocktail workshops in The Netherlands
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